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Seattle Colleges

Career Services for Online Students

Each college offers career resources that online students may use. Please contact the individual campus for additional information.

North Seattle College
Career Services


This office provides students with full- and part-time job listings, as well as consultation on job-related problems, workshops on cover letters, resume writing, employment interviewing, and job search skills.

Cooperative Education provides credit for relevant work experience both on- and off-campus, to augment classroom learning. The program allows students to apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to paid workplace situations and is available in nearly all college departments.

Seattle Central College
Career Information Center

206.934.4383    BE 1107F

The following career services are available without a campus visit:

  • Email questions to Career Specialist regarding SCC programs.
  • Inquiries about careers in Washington State.
  • Information on colleges, universities and accredited training programs in Washington State.

If you are within driving distance of the campus, The Career Information Center is where students, potential students and the community can research career options, learn more about their career choices, locate educational programs and search for scholarship information. The Career Information Center has the latest multi-media career exploration software with Internet links as well as the most current information on careers, colleges, and scholarships. All services are free and no appointments are necessary. The Career Specialist can be reached for consultation by visiting our website.

Career Placement

The following career services are available without a campus visit:

If you are within driving distance of the campus, The Career Placement Office (at the Center for Independent Study) provides continuously updated listings of part-time, full-time, seasonal, temporary, internship (paid and unpaid) and volunteer opportunities available for viewing by students, graduates and the general public. A computer room is available for use by currently enrolled students to aid in job searches,handouts on the job search process, and lists of employment joblines and websites. Staff is available to provide resume and cover letter critiques, and mock interviews (by appointment). In addition, the Career Placement Office hosts employers and agencies recruiting on campus (while school is in session Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters) as well as the Annual Career Fair (Spring quarter).

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education (Co-op) is an educational program offered to students enrolled in college transfer or professional-technical programs. Academic credit is earned for the learning that occurs on the job, providing students with an opportunity to integrate the educational process with supervised work, intern, or volunteer experiences.

Students may earn credit for their jobs (with permission) or paid/unpaid internships. Co-op is a coordinated effort between the student, the employing organization, and the college. Advantages include the opportunity to explore or clarify career choices, acquire career-related experience, improve skills or learn new ones applicable to future employment, and earn college credit. (These are considered vocational credits and can be applied to the elective area of the A.A. degree.)

A separate component of our program (Community Service Co-op) allows students to earn academic credit for volunteer service in non-profit, community-based organizations while providing needed services to the community. Credit is also available for international internships/volunteer service, and travel study/language enhancement activities.

eLearning students are eligible to participate in the Co-op Program. For information on course content or registration procedures, contact the office by phone, 206.934.5422, via or, visit our website.

South Seattle College
Career Development Services / WorkSource Affiliate Site


This comprehensive Center offers a full spectrum of services to students and community members. Experienced Career Professionals and community partners assist undecided students with career decision making. Tuition assistance and support services may be available for eligible students. A variety of job search workshops are offered each month and twelve computer stations are equipped with career-related software and bookmarked internet sites. Vocational testing is available on-line for a fee. New jobs are listed daily from a wide variety of employers.

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