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International Students

eLearning The Seattle Colleges welcome eLearning students from other countries for study in academic programs.

Admission procedures vary depending on where a student resides and what type of visa they have.

  1. Students outside of the United States who are not citizens or residents of the United States, and students residing in the U.S. under one of the following visas: F, M, J, B, R, Q, TN or TD should apply to the International Students Program at one of the three Seattle Colleges, which will become your home college.

    View Select Home College for other considerations in making your choice.

    International students who attend on F or M visas typically must:

    • Demonstrate adequate financial support to cover the period of study
    • Complete 12 credit hours each quarter
    • Take no more than a single eLearning class each quarter the remaining schedule must be classes taken in-person)
  2. Students residing in the U.S. under one of the following circumstances should contact Advising Services for assistance with admission:
    • hold an A, E, H, I, G, K, L, U or T visa;
    • are a U.S. refugee or permanent resident; or
    • hold dual U.S. citizenship.

    Do not make application to the International Students Program.

Students looking for additional information on visa requirements should contact the International Student Office at one of the three colleges.

Note: Financial aid funds are not currently available to international students.

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