Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Certificate
Short-Term Certificate
Division: Business, Information Technologies & Creative Arts Division (206) 934-3830
Students work through the Cisco CCNP curriculum to earn a college certificate and be Cisco certification ready. Applying Cisco coursework to industry, this certificate validates the ability to plan, implement, and verify local and wide-area enterprise networks. This foundational CCNP curriculum prepares administrators for additional variants that support advanced troubleshooting, provisioning forthe cloud, advanced security, and voice, wireless and video solutions. The CCNP Routing and Switching certification is appropriate for those with a CCNA and/or a year of networking experience.

Program Certificate Outcomes:
    • Plan and manage multiple projects, both individually and as a team member
    • Explain and implement network industry standards such as: the OSI model; Routing protocols, Address Resolution, and Reverse Address Resolution Protocols; IP Addresses and Sub netting; and MAC addressing
    • Apply industry standard techniques for troubleshooting, collecting, analyzing, and optimizing data within an enterprise network infrastructure.
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Technical Specialty Courses
NTI 350 - Enterprise Switching - CCNP 2 (5 credits) NTI 360 - Enterprise Troubleshooting - CCNP 3 (5 credits)
Technical Specialty Courses Credits: 15
Total Credits for Program: 15.0