Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for eLearning courses (with the exception of Self-Paced courses) if you are pursuing a degree or certificate from one of the colleges.

Two of the basic eligibility requirements for receiving financial aid are:

  1. You must be enrolled in an eligible program of study that leads to a degree or certificate at an individual college
  2. You must apply for aid at the individual college

If you have already selected a program of study at one of the three colleges listed above and you would like to apply for financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office at that college as soon as possible at the web address or phone number below.

If you have not selected a program of study at one of the three colleges and would like assistance in making a selection, please contact Advising Services.

You Can Take Classes at More than One College
Students receiving financial aid from North Seattle, Seattle Central, or South Seattle can use their aid to take courses at schools other than the school which is providing the aid (the “home school”). Under terms of a Consortium Agreement, financial aid can be used at other schools (“host schools”), both inside and outside the Seattle College district, provided:

  1. You are registered for at least one (1) credit at the home school
  2. You are not receiving aid from the host school
  3. The course(s) taken at the host school will apply toward the student’s degree or certificate requirements at the home school.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at your home school for information about applying for a Consortium Agreement.

Are You Receiving Financial Aid from Another Institution?
If you are receiving financial aid from an institution that is not part of the Seattle College District and would like information about using your aid for our courses, contact your home school for information and eligibility requirements.