Getting Started

Welcome to the Seattle Colleges, the first step to your new career!

If you are a new student, there are factors and resources you should consider before registering for a class:

  • Residency/International Student Status
  • Financial Aid
  • Selecting a Home College
  • Placement Tests
  • Registration

We’re here to help you. Contact Advising Services for help in considering your options.

Residency/International Student Status
Your residency status (whether living inside or outside the U.S. or residing in Washington State) may affect your tuition, financial aid eligibility, placement testing and/or visa requirements. For more information, click on the appropriate link below:
View residency information.
View international student information.

Financial Aid
View Financial Aid for more information. Apply for aid through only one of the Seattle Colleges, which will become your home college if you receive financial aid.

Selecting a Home College
While the Seattle Colleges offer a coordinated program of study through our three colleges, your A.A. or A.B. degree will be awarded by only one college. There are advantages to considering your options early and applying for admission to your chosen college.

View more information on Selecting Home College.

Placement Tests
You may be required to take placement tests prior to registration. View more information on Placement Tests.

If you are enrolling concurrently in classes at more than one of the colleges within the Seattle College District, registration priority is based upon total cumulative credits earned within the District. If any of the following circumstances apply, contact Advising Services:

  1. You are currently enrolled at one campus and would like to add a course offered at another campus
  2. You are receiving financial aid or are in the military
  3. If You are an F-1 international student,notify the International Students Office where your I-20 was issued of concurrent enrollment.

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    Seattle Central College International Students
    South Seattle College International Students